LFP aims to celebrate good food and contribute to city priorities by; addressing health inequalities (including malnutrition and obesity), reducing food poverty, supporting local food businesses, and reducing the environmental impact of the production, trade and consumption of food, with a strong emphasis on the reduction of food waste. And also by promoting growing and cooking skills, and the enjoyment of eating healthy food.

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New Recycling Initiative in Leeds

There’s a call for Leeds businesses to join an exciting new recycling initiative.

The campaign is being run by environmental charity Hubbub, in partnership with Leeds City Council and supported by Leeds Bid. Participation will be subsidised by an array of brands, retailers and manufacturers, including possibly Alupro, Asda, Association of Convenience Stores, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, British Plastics Federation, Coca-Cola GB, Costa, Co-op, Crown Packaging, Danone, Ecosurety, Highland Spring, Innocent, Klöckner Pentaplast (kp), Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, PepsiCo and Shell.

Read more here: http://leeds.candocities.org/news/call-leeds-businesses-join-exciting-new-recycling-initiative

Food Action Plan Consultation goes Live!

This is an exciting time, as the Leeds Food Partnership gets ready to launch a Food Action Plan for Leeds – and we need your help, please!

A Food Action Plan provides a framework of actionable goals that will help to build a stronger and more sustainable local food system for the city. Ours uses the 6 principles listed in the Leeds Food Charter as a way of sectioning the Plan.

It will be out for consultation from Tuesday 17th April to Tuesday 15th May, and we need individuals, organisations and businesses to please contribute, to make sure it’s a true representation of all the fantastic food work that’s happening across Leeds, and to tell us what areas we still need to work on.

Please use the action plan Consultation Questions to share your feedback with us.

Together we can do it the Leeds way!