LFP aims to celebrate good food, and contribute to city priorities by addressing health inequalities – including malnutrition and obesity, reducing food poverty, supporting local food businesses, and reducing the environmental impact of the production, trade and consumption of food, with a strong emphasis on the reduction of food waste. Also by promoting growing, cooking skills and the enjoyment of eating healthy food.

LFP seeks to work inclusively with all sectors of the local food system, including producers, processors, caterers, retailers, outlets, education and community groups.

Key Terms of Reference – Download Full Terms of Reference:

  1. Vision:

People of Leeds have access to sufficient, appropriate and healthy food, which is safe, affordable and sustainably sourced.

  1. Membership and Responsibilities

The LFP will have representation from a range of sectors. All members will agree to support the overarching focus of the LFP. They will demonstrate this by:

  • Representing the aims of the LFP within their own sectors and organisations and progressing objectives when appropriate;
  • Input into the development of a LFP Food Action Plan;
  • Seeking to deliver any actions which have been identified in the Action Plan as LFP responsibilities;
  • Working with partnership organisations to take actions forwards when necessary, including promoting and sharing best practise;
  • Assisting with monitoring and reviewing the delivery of the action plan;
  • Being an influential advocate for local policies that support the development of healthy and sustainable food; and
  • Support any events, conferences or other activities to promote the work of LFP.
  1. Chairperson

The steering group will elect an independent Chair from a non-commissioning body and Vice Chair from the group. These posts will be re-elected annually by the steering group.

  1. Steering Group

The steering group will be comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair and representatives of the funders. The steering group will meet monthly and it is their responsibility to agree the work plan for the coordinator and planning of the LFP.

  1. Working/ Sub-Groups

In order to ensure that LFP remains a high-level, strategic group, it is agreed that work is delegated to working/ sub-groups (based around agreed projects).  These groups will be established as one of the first actions of the LFP. Each group will have a lead member who reports back to the LFP on progress updates and outcomes. These members, plus the chair and vice-chair, will have voting rights and will oversee delivery of the Food Action Plan.

Key personnel:

Organization / Position Status Role and Responsibility
Andrew Critchett – Ground Up Member / Steering Group –        Chair

–        Lead on food business engagement

Susie Brown – Zest Member / Steering Group –        Vice Chair

–        Lead on Cooking Skills & Veg Cities

Emma Strachan – Leeds City Council Public Health Member / Steering Group


–        Lead on health and wellbeing (link to LCC Adult and Health Directorate)
Professor Les Firbank – University of Leeds Member / Steering Group –        Lead on environment and sustainability
Tom Bliss – Feeds Leeds Member –        Lead on food growing
Dave Paterson – Leeds Food Aid Network Member


–        Lead on food poverty
Sonja Woodcock* – SFC Coordinator Member / Staff / Steering Group –        provide an administrative / secretariat function to the Partnership and facilitate:

–         development of the Partnership

–        the setting and agreeing of goals and actions

–        monitor delivery against agreed goals and actions

Rob Greenland – Zero Waste Leeds Member  
Gareth Batty – Fareshare Yorkshire Member –        Support and provide solutions to Food Insecurity issues.

–        Represent a network of 70+ groups using food in the City.

–        Bring National learning & solutions to local issues.

Simon Fogal – Leeds Indie Food Member  



Mark Lee – Leeds City Council Presto Member  



Karen Smith – Leeds City Council Catering Leeds Member  



Sarah Priestley – Leeds City Council Leeds 2023 Member  




Siobhan O’Mahoney – Leeds City Council Health and Wellbeing Service Member –        To lead on food and healthy eating in schools (including food policy), share relevant information with schools.


Michelle Regan Member –        To represent community interest, health and well being

–        An Asda colleague

Kevin McKay Member –        Food Revival CIC; Rethink Food


*funded by Sustainable Food Cities and the University of Leeds / N8 Agrifood project. LFP is supported by, though not funded by, Leeds City Council.

LFP was initiated by Leeds City Council, University of Leeds and Feed Leeds (which continues to champion food growing and related activities as an LFP partner) along with food organisations across Leeds to promote a new strategic approach to sustainable, healthy and affordable food in the city. (See the Food Audit page for the research which led to the creation of the LFP).