Emma Strachan (Leeds City Council, Public Health). Emma is a Health Improvement Specialist working on Food and Nutrition in Leeds. Her role involves contributing and advising on the development and implementation of local food work, ensuring the implementation of Public Health policies, strategies and work programmes. Emma is responsible for the Local Authority’s commissioning of adult cooking skills programmes and contribution to Leeds Food Approach. Currently Emma is working with the Leeds Food Partnership to develop a city wide strategic approach to food building on the Sustainable Food Cities achievement in June 2019 and supporting the Council to implement Food Active’s Healthy Weight Declaration. Emma has worked on a range of food projects at both a strategic and operational level including Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, the 5 A Day programme and led the implementation of many food related campaigns.

Tom Bliss (Leeds Beckett University, Feeds Leeds). Tom teaches landscape architecture and urban design – a return to his original career after lengthy diversions to TV and corporate communications as a writer/producer/director, followed by a decade as a professional folk musician. He is a founder member of both FoodWise Leeds and Feed Leeds, of which he is currently secretary and chair. His main area of academic interest is the role of productive urban green infrastructure, which includes all kinds of plants, including food, in the mitigation of climate change. He recently spent four years at the University of Leeds working with tree, carbon and climate scientists and he remains a member of the Leeds Climate Commission’s Resilience Working Group, which is researching the climate and other impacts and resilience of the Leeds food system. Tom is FoodWise’s comms officer and webmaster.

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